I am a shadow.

Hello, I am Kuroko Tetsuya, jersey #11 of Seirin's basketball club. Currently on break, though I will have to return to practice soon.

The last person who came forgot about me, but if you would like to ask something, I will try my best to give an appropriate response.

((Currently on hiatus... ... ...))




Since this blog has been running for a while, I figured I’d have this page for finding posts, if only for my own convenience. I tag each response with the characters that appear, as well as the asker’s username (at the time of the screencap).


Characters (alphabetical by last name):
    - Aida Riko
    - Akashi Seijuurou
    - Aomine Daiki
    - Fukuda Hiroshi
    - Furihata Kouki
    - Garcia, Alex
    - Haizaki Shougo
    - Himuro Tatsuya
    - Hyuuga Junpei
    - Imayoshi Shouichi
    - Izuki Shun
    - Kagami Taiga
    - Kasamatsu Yukio
    - Kawahara Kouichi
    - Kise Ryouta
    - Kiyoshi Teppei
    - Koganei Shinji
    - Kuroko Tetsuya
    - Midorima Shintarou
    - Mitobe Rinnosuke
    - Momoi Satsuki
    - Murasakibara Atsushi
    - Nigou
    - Sakurai Ryou
    - Takao Kazunari
    - Tsuchida Satoshi
    - Yoshitaka Moriyama

Other Tags:
    - to find a question you’ve asked (or a post of yours that I’ve reblogged), just type as the url:
             ask-kuroko.tumblr.com/tagged/*insert your username here*
                  (replace the text in bold appropriately)
    - Anonymous askers
    - Reply (tag for reblogs)
    - Welcome Posts
    - Translation
    - Crossovers
    - Kiriban
    - Out of Character posts (mostly for announcements/kiribans)
    - Weekly Studio (on indefinite hiatus)

    - Body Swap Event


If you see any broken links or mistakes, please message me so I can fix them =)