I am a shadow.

Hello, I am Kuroko Tetsuya, jersey #11 of Seirin's basketball club. Currently on break, though I will have to return to practice soon.

The last person who came forgot about me, but if you would like to ask something, I will try my best to give an appropriate response.

((Currently on hiatus... ... ...))




Perhaps something like this.

Anonymous said: You like to drink vanilla shake, but is there any other flavors you'd like to taste? Or is it just the vanilla one?



Anonymous said: To the mod: don't know if my last message got sent (stupid new tumblr format orz) But just wanted to say that I remember the mangaka saying it was on a whim too, so you're not wrong :)

((Thank you for the confirmation kind anon!))

Anonymous said: Unlike the other GoM, why is your hair not following your last name?[AOmine Daiki(Blue), AKAshi Seijuro(Red), KIse Ryouta(Yellow), MIDORIma Shintaro(Green), MURASAKIbara Atsushi(Violet/Purple)...KUROko Tetsuya(Black)] You're a shadow right? why is your hair light blue?